Eric Wuehler
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Eric Wuehler is a Principal Engineer working with the Future Innovation Team in the Office of the CTO at McAfee. Focused on product innovation and researching the evolving security landscape, Eric is a seasoned developer and architect with more than twenty years of experience, and has worked with globally distributed teams. In his free time, Eric pokes around with mobile and IoT devices, 3D printing, and figuring out ways to spend more time with his family.

Personal Projects

‣ Co-host the Mostly Security Podcast, a weekly show where Jon and I talk (mostly) about computer security and technology events.

‣ Owner/Developer of Cast/Snip, a simple application that allows you to create Snips of your favorite Podcasts, save them for later and share them on social media.

‣ Ripping out my existing home security system, replacing it with Raspberry Pi and Arduino boards along with custom sensors for doors, windows, temperature, moisture, vibration, etc. Currently posting data to (which is entertaining, but generally pointless).

Professional Experience  Show Projects
McAfee2004 - Present
Principal Engineer
Office of the CTO — 2017 - Present

Researching and developing proof-of-concepts for the evolving security threats to both corporate and consumer environments. Working with customers and industry to understand the changing security landscape and how to protect against threats.

Solutions Architect
Consumer Mobile and New Products — 2015 - 2017

Research security and safety concepts for mobile users. Building iOS and Android applications that move beyond "traditional" security. Research security and safety ideas in the context of IoT and Wearables.

Project: Safe Family
‣ Working with teams in the US and China to build the Intel Security Safe Family product.
Project: McAfee Mobile Security
‣ Working with teams in the US and India to build mobile security solutions for iOS.

Solutions Architect
Internet of Things, Small and Embedded Devices — 2014 - 2015

Working with the larger team to define and deliver a scalable and secure IoT management platform that spans Cloud and on-premise deployments. Deep research into management and security of IoT devices. Building proof of concept devices and software, leveraging technologies for sharing sensor data between devices.

Project: Helix Device Cloud
‣ Worked with cross-company team (Intel, WindRiver, and McAfee) to build a secure IoT Platform for managing devices.

Software Architect
Enterprise Mobile — 2011 - 2015

Design and architecture; building a solution for managing security for mobile devices in the enterprise. Working with teams in house as well as partners and acquisitions to create valuable mobile security solutions for Government, Enterprise and Small Business.

Project: Enterprise Mobility Management
‣ Worked with team of 40+ engineers to develop and integrate a mobility management solution into our flagship management platform, ePO. Working with all product owners to continue deeper integration and enhance interoperability across all product lines.

Consumer Mobile — 2010 - 2012

Experienced research, prototyping and developing mobile security products, platforms and libraries for iOS, Android and other mobile Operating Systems. Coordinate with a global development team to deliver mobile products that are available worldwide.

Project: McAfee Mobile Security
‣ Developed App Protection feature of MMS 2.0, which includes evaluating access permissions and URLs accessed by an app to provide the user with a privacy rating. The privacy rating indicates to the user how much of a privacy risk an app is and what URLs are embedded in the app that it might try to send your private data to.
‣ Architect for a "dynamic branding" feature which allows McAfee to publish a single build to the Android market, but have the install/setup procedure "brand" the UI based on how the user came to.

Senior Software Engineer
System Security Management — 2004 - 2010

As a senior member of the team, my duties include providing technical leadership and direction for the enterprise product integration with McAfee’s enterprise console, ePolicy Orchestrator. The platform requires a detailed understanding of key enterprise technologies such as Java (J2EE, Servlets, JSP), SQL, XML, Web Services and LDAP.

Project: ePolicy Orchestrator 4.6
‣ ePolicy Orchestrator is McAfee’s industry leading console for Security and Compliance Management. A few of my responsibilities included defining and documenting the core internal and external facing APIs for products integrating with ePO 4.6; building and defining a framework and API for comparing arbitrary policy objects as defined by the product teams in ePO and creating a .NET web service for the ePO 4.6 software catalog feature to allow product updates via a web service within the platform.
Project: ePolicy Orchestrator 4.5
‣ My responsibilities included Rogue System Detection integration, User-based Policy management and consistent integration across a large number of other McAfee products integrating with ePO.
Project: Rogue System Detection
‣ Lead developer for Rogue System Detection. RSD passively monitors a network and reports to the ePolicy Orchestrator server information about devices on the network, allowing the administrator to manage and remediate “rogue” systems in the corporate environment.
Project: ePolicy Orchestrator 4.0
‣ The first release of McAfee’s enterprise console based on a new framework, McAfee Foundation Services. My focus was on helping the ePO team with the new framework integration.
Project: McAfee Foundation Services 1.0
‣ The project’s goal was to build a platform that would allow faster and easier integration of all McAfee’s enterprise products by providing a set of APIs and tools that allowed maximum flexibility, but consistent workflows and visual identity.

Cohdoo — 2010 - 2013
Cofounder / Developer

Developer for an iOS audio recording application, Highlight. Highlight allows you to embed audio markers in real time, edit, share and replay the recordings with access to all audio markers. Designed for research and education markets. Also developed companion Mac Apps.

The Highlight iOS application won a Nielsen Norman Best Application Design Award in 2012. The write up describe the application in extensive detail over 24 pages of content. From the write up, as to why Highlight was chosen:

Highlight was selected as an outstanding example of a multiplatform experience because of several elements of its user experience:
‣ Simplicity: By maintaining a tight focus on the core functionality, the application omits clutter and confusion, and delivers an intuitive experience.
‣ Flexibility: Optimized for phone, tablet and personal computer, Highlight offers a feature set and interface tailored to fit each device and context of use.
‣ Purpose: As our gadgets proliferate, we are overwhelmed with tools for creating content but far too few of these help us manage and consume content in a meaningful way. Highlight addresses this need with an elegant system for extracting meaning from content and sharing it with others.

The Regence Group — 2002 - 2004
Lead Programmer Analyst

As a Lead Programmer, I helped architect and guide the development of a large-scale Health Care Enterprise (J2EE) application on the IBM WebSphere Application Server. Specifically, I was responsible for developing the technologies the application used to communicate with the various backend systems; JNDI (iPlanet LDAP), JDBC (Oracle and Sybase), JMS (in particular, MQ Series), and TCP Sockets to proprietary/homegrown systems. I was also involved with the Web Application architecture; designing and developing Servlets and JSPs using the Struts framework. I was also involved in the overall strategy for the application. I worked closely with the business community to make sure the application meets the needs of our customers.

Project: Regence Online Services
‣ ROS is a large scale web application to provide online services for the three million members and 44,000+ health care providers associated with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oregon, Blue Shield (Washington), BlueShield of Idaho, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Utah.

Cenus Technology (later renamed Adara Networks) — 2000 - 2002
Senior Software Engineer

Startup company whose products enhanced customer internet experience by moving the content closer to the user with a proprietary edge server streaming and routing technology. Helped design, architect and build an interface allowing terminal, browser and application access to proprietary router configuration and management. Created prototypes, demos and test applications to show statistical and usability information.

Novell — 1994 - 2000
Software Engineer

Projects and groups I worked with at Novell include: Clustering/SAN management, Novell eGuide, Novell digitalme, Novell Installation Services, and Corporate Interoperability Testing.

Technical Expertise
Security Research and Software Development
IoT Prototyping and Development - Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, Arduino
Mobile Development - iOS and Android
Enterprise Application Development
Languages - Swift, Go, Java, Objective-C, Python, Perl, etc
I hold a Business Visa for China (through 2025).
I understand/speak Spanish at an intermediate level.
Brigham Young University1991-1995
Bachelor of Science
Major: Computer Science
Minor: Spanish